Monday, 6 May 2013

Kritikos article

I've written a short piece about Kritikos, entitled Identifying resources for students, by students for a JISC blog.

Kritikos is a customised search engine for visual media relevant to Engineering education, aimed at reducing the time required to find useful resources for study and for teaching. To achieve this goal, we:
  • Use the power of Google Custom Search™ by using asearch engine dedicated to engineering education
  • Present the results visually as a gallery of thumbnail images
  • Overlay information shared by other students and teachers relating to the usefulness of the resource in their subject.
This project was initially funded as part of JISC's Content Programme 2011-13 and developed by the Engineering and Materials Education Research Group (EMERG) at the University of Liverpool.

MeLT provided consultancy for the technical development of the Kritikos site. We also developed a video explaining the backround, aims and outcomes of the project.