Thursday, 23 February 2012

MathJax - Beautiful Math in all Browsers

We have recently started making extensive use of MathJax, an open source display engine for rendering mathematics in web pages that seems to work well in all modern browsers.

It hasn't come a moment too soon, as to date we have usually had to resort to creating bitmap images for all equations, which has been far from satisfactory.

By entering LaTeX expressions in the HTML source code, we now get nicely rendered mathematical expressions. Here are a few examples for the metallurgists amongst you:
$$\sigma_\text{y}=\sigma_0 + k_\text{y} d^{-1/2}$$ $$D=D_0 \exp(–Q_\text{d}/RT)$$ $$X = 1 - \exp\Big[-0.693\Big({t \over t_{0.5}}\Big)^k\Big]$$